Chef Pans

Chef’s pans are a medium depth pan, usually with flared or rounded sides. The pans have a flat base and a wide mouth which speeds up the evaporation of liquids. A chef's pan will usually have a long handle. The height of the sides of the pan make it easy for sautéing, frying or steaming larger amounts of foods whilst allowing sufficient space for turning and stirring of the contents.

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  • Induction+ 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $415

    CODE: 17087

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  • CTX 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $569

    CODE: 18513

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  • IQ 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $499

    CODE: 18473

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  • Classic 36cm Paella/Chef Pan with Lid

    RRP $349

    CODE: 17734

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  • Classic 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $359

    CODE: 17738

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  • PRO IQ 32cm Covered Chef Pan

    RRP $549

    CODE: 17618

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  • CLAD 5 32cm Chef pan

    RRP $269

    CODE: 18323

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  • Commercial 30cm Chef Pan

    RRP $215

    CODE: 22312

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  • Impact 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $185

    CODE: 22013

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  • Impact 28cm Multi Purpose Pan

    RRP $249

    CODE: 22012

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  • Accent 32cm Chef Pan

    RRP $189

    CODE: 21213

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  • CLAD CS5 32cm Chef Pan  

    RRP $369

    CODE: 18244

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  • Evolution Chef Pan 32cm

    RRP $379

    CODE: 17144

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