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SCANPAN Celebrates 60 Years

We have reached an important milestone as SCANPAN celebrates its 60th year. While a lot of changes have occurred in the 60 years, the fundamentals of SCANPAN products have remained the same - outstanding Danish quality and design. 

SCANPAN was founded in 1956 in Aarhus, Denmark and today employs over 130 people and exports to more than 40 countries around the world. It was in 1956 a Danish innovative entrepreneur invents the squeeze casting method we still use today.

Designed and still manufactured in Denmark, SCANPAN has developed unique procedures to create our premium quality products with inherent Scandinavian design elements – forging form with function.

250 tons of pressure is applied when squeeze casting SCANPAN non-stick cookware, using only recycled aluminium, which creates 95% less waste than new aluminium. This produces a perfectly flat base with optimum thickness for rapid heat distribution and superior heat retention while minimising energy consumption. The base is guaranteed not to warp.

After sandblasting, SCANPAN uses a patented process for applying the ceramic titanium layer. This is done by melting titanium at 30,000 degrees Celsius and firing it onto the product's surface at twice the speed of sound, resulting in a sealed surface that is ten times harder than steel, allowing the use of metal utensils.

SPANPAN were the first to develop a true non-stick coating without the use of PFOA - its specially developed Greentek coating is completely free of PFOA at all stages of the manufacturing process. Benefits of this result include cooking with no or minimal oil or fat and easy care cleaning.

Handles are attached by adopting their patented locking system, which uses no screws or rivets and the entire pan is then ovenproof to 260 degrees - including the handle. The handles are also guaranteed never to come loose.

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