SCANPAN has a number of useful accessories designed to help you make the most of your SCANPAN cookware. From lids for roasters and woks, to racks and splatter guards, there is an accessory in the range to make your SCANPAN cookware piece even more versatile.

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  • Professional Chef's Torch

    RRP $79.95

    CODE: 17812

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  • Classic Butane Gas Cylinder 250ml

    RRP $5.95

    CODE: 17813

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  • Flavour Injector

    RRP $0

    CODE: 17811

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  • Ham Bag

    RRP $0

    CODE: 18145

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  • 15cm Bamboo Steamer

    RRP $39.95

    CODE: 17814

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  • 20cm Bamboo Steamer

    RRP $49.95

    CODE: 17815

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  • 25cm Bamboo Steamer

    RRP $66.95

    CODE: 17817

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  • Stainless Steel and Copper Cleaner

    RRP $0

    CODE: 17019

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