The SCANPAN AXIS collection has been designed with functional contemporary lines with elegant individuality, highlighted by the distinctive Copper bands circling every piece. The exclusive 5 layer construction with heavy-duty Stainless Steel body and Copper core ensures maximum durability plus rapid, even heat distribution to surpass all other Stainless Steel cookware. The AXIS satin finish 18/10 Stainless Steel interior will let you sauté, fry, caramelise or sear any dish to perfection! Cooking with SCANPAN AXIS makes it even easier! Axis is designed in Denmark, compatible with all energy sources including induction and is ovenproof to 200°C.

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  • Saucepan 16cm 1.8 Litre

    RRP $249

    CODE: 26970

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  • Saucepan18cm 2.5 Litre

    RRP $279

    CODE: 26971

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  • Saucepan 20cm 3.5 Litre

    RRP $329

    CODE: 26972

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  • Fry Pan 20cm

    RRP $169

    CODE: 26973

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  • Fry Pan 24cm

    RRP $219

    CODE: 26974

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  • Fry Pan 26cm

    RRP $249

    CODE: 26975

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  • Dutch Oven 24cm 5.2 Litre

    RRP $379

    CODE: 26976

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  • Stockpot 26cm 7.2 Litre

    RRP $449

    CODE: 26977

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  • Saute Pan 26cm

    RRP $329

    CODE: 26978

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  • Saute Pan 30cm

    RRP $399

    CODE: 26979

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  • Chefs /Saute Pan 32cm

    RRP $479

    CODE: 26989

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  • Multi Steamer Insert 20cm

    RRP $149

    CODE: 26981

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  • 3pcs Cookware set

    RRP $829

    CODE: 26986

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  • 5pcs Cookware set

    RRP $1339

    CODE: 26987

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  • 4pcs Cookware set

    RRP $1299

    CODE: 26988

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