Classic Knives

SCANPAN has raised the bar yet again by designing and producing their own unique range of fully forged knives. Each knife is crafted from the finest grade German stainless steel. The blade is expertly ground, honed and tested. The angle must be exact, uniform from bolster to tip and the curve flawlessly tapered. Scrupulous inspections at each vital stage of the production process ensure that this is so. Finally, the blade is Rockwell® tested to ensure that it’s tempered and hardened to perfection.

Whatever job a SCANPAN Classic Knife is designed to do - be it paring, carving, slicing or peeling – you can rest assured that it will perform the task with absolute precision. They’re supremely comfortable, superbly balanced and their edge is absolutely surgically sharp. What’s more, their pedigree is impeccable because they’re made by SCANPAN, an internationally respected manufacturer of ‘cutting edge’ cookware since 1956.
Rockwell® Testing
The Rockwell® Hardness Test was invented in 1921 by a metallurgist, Stanley P. Rockwell. Rockwell devised the testing technique to determine if the heat treatment process he was performing on bearing races was successful. Today, this simple sequence of test force application is employed internationally as a standard measure of steel hardness. The minute dot impressed into the blade of each SCANPAN Fully Forged Classic Knife is your guarantee that the superior stainless steel used in its construction has been Rockwell® tested and complies with the rigid specification set down for optimum tempering and hardening.

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