The design of SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL utilises clean, sleek lines to create a stylish appearance. Lids and handles feature a finish of matt stainless steel with mirror polished highlights, a two-way polishing practice made possible only with the use of state of the art technology.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL is manufactured from squeeze cast aluminium. To eliminate hot spots, the heavy duty base is forged into shape under 250 tons of pressure, and made to an optimum thickness. This prevents the cookware from warping or buckling. The thick aluminium base distributes heat quickly and evenly and retains heat for longer, therefore minimising energy consumption. The surface is made from Ceramic Titanium which is super heated to approximately 20,000°C, whereby it liquifies and literally anchors itself to the aluminium. Embedded in this durable surface is a specially formulated non-stick compound. Lab testing has proven that even with the use of metal utensils, the cookware will provide faithful service, year after year.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL cookware is extremely versatile, is ideal for all cooktops excluding induction and is oven proof to 260°C.