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Mushroom Veal Scalloppine

Mushroom Veal Scalloppine

Prep time: 15 mins, Cook time: 15 mins

400g veal fillet, thinly sliced
400g swiss brown mushrooms, cleaned and thinly sliced
50g butter
40g plain flour
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and black pepper, to taste
3 Thyme sprigs, leaves removed
1 Rosemary sprig, chopped

Flatten the veal slices with a meat mallet then season with salt and pepper and dust with flour on both sides.

Shake the slices to remove the excess.

Melt 25g butter in a sauté pan over medium high heat, then add 1 tablespoon olive oil. Place the veal slices in and brown them for 3 minutes on each side. Once they are golden, remove and transfer to a warm plate.

Turn the heat down to medium and melt the remaining butter in the pan. Add the sliced mushrooms, whole garlic clove, and rosemary. Cover with lid and cook for three minutes, tossing once. Add the veal slices back into the pan with the thyme leaves and toss on a low heat for one minute. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.


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Mushroom Veal Scalloppine