Friends of Scanpan

On this page you will find a list of companies, organisations and people that we at Scanpan greatly respect, either for their products, actions or contributions and we think you should check them out.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation


The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) vision for a future without breast cancer means a lot to many of the SCANPAN Australia employees.


Our team is very proud of our Platinum Partnership with NBCF and the money that we raise for breast cancer research. We sent an email around the SCANPAN head office recently asking how many people have had a family member, friend or their own health affected by breast cancer. Unfortunately, we expected the result to be high and it was – 29 out of 32 people answered “yes”, sadly they have been affected by breast cancer. We as a company look forward to that future without breast cancer thanks to the hard work of the organization, its researcher’s efforts and innovation. SCANPAN’S relationship with NBCF began eight years ago when we launched the Pink SCANPAN Spectrum Knife range with much success. We continue to develop pink products with NBCF in mind in order to assist with raising much needed funds for research.  

Pop some pink into your kitchen and make a difference.